"Fear of being in large bodies of water, fear of the vast emptiness of the sea, of sea waves, and fear of distance from land" - Wikipedia

So dear readers, I have this love and fear relationship between me and this vast area called the ocean. I'm pretty sure I don't have full on Thalassophobia but there's definitely a slight hint of it lingering in me. You see I absolutely love to be in the water, ever since I was a child I'd spend all my times in pools, lakes or the sea if I could. Even so there always were this nagging feeling of unease and occasional moments where my heart would beat a little faster. 
Now when I think about it I believe this might be the reason why I find the ocean so intriguing and incredibly fascinating. It's the little adrenaline you get when induced by curiosity and fear which makes you long for more. The fear for me is the darkness and not knowing what's under your feet but most of all it's the indoctrinated fear for (yes you…

Life as a vegan

Or should I say plant eater as it seems to be less offensive. Me and my partner have been eating plant based food since April 2018 and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I only wish I'd done it earlier. I wish I could have opened my eyes earlier to what's happening in this world or maybe not closed them so hard that denial was all I could see.

Either way I'm not writing this here to judge but to explain how I've felt these last nine months.
Becoming a plant eater in the UK in this day and age is not hard, I dare to say it's easier then it probably ever been. All you really need is discipline and a little more effort, I only say effort as it takes a while to learn new recipes and getting your stomach used to all the great beans out there! But stick with it and the effort will fade as with anything you make a habit of.

The only hard part about eating plant based and calling yourself a "vegan" is how you are made fun of for trying to help…

Oh Whale..

..isn't Christmas a bit over-whale-ming? I guess I might have looked up whale puns. I mean who doesn't like whale puns. So I suppose you're whale-come. Ok, I know that's enough lets continue to the subject at hand today!

And that is whales! Can you believe it. But it is not any kind of whale, it's the adorable beluga whale. To be honest I thought they were a part of the dolphin family as they are a little similar but I might be partial as I absolutely adore dolphins. However they're not, they are one out of two members in the Monodontidae family (whales). Where the second member is the Narwhal who are also fantastic creatures but today it's the Belugas time to shine.

With their white skin to protect them against predators they're one of the most recognisable whales but also one of the most expressive ones too!  This is partly to do with these fascinating facts;

Their neck vertebrae is not fused like other whales which means that the Beluga can move their…

A Pang For The Pangolin

The most trafficked mammal on earth, how would that feel? You'd most likely feel more then just a pang.

Out of eight species, four are stated as vulnerable, two endangered and the last two critically endangered. Mostly because they're illegally hunted down by people for their scales. This is due to uneducated parts of the world believing it contains healing properties. Another danger for the pangolin is also deforestation of their habitat.
It's not only the scales that interest the poachers but also the meat as it's seen as luxurious food in both Vietnam and China. Am I surprised? If I'd never been in Asia I might say yes but from what I saw in Cambodia I am definitely not. Sadly. 
Roughly 20% of the illegal wildlife trade is made up by the pangolins and it's black market is mainly in Asia.
Wow this post is depressing. Let me make it even more dispiriting by describing this wonderful creature.
As mentioned before these creatures are mammals and not reptiles as …

My Favourite David

This gentleman can't be praised enough. If you haven't seen his speech at the climate conference on behalf of the ‘People’s Seat’ please watch it now. In fact I will share it here below for you to see.

You are fantastic, David Attenborough.

“There is no question climate change is happening...

The only arguable point is what part humans are playing in it.” - David Attenborough

Since I met my partner Ellis and lived in the UK my favourite "TV" show/series have always been David Attenborough's ones. They are informative, emotional and absolutely stunningly filmed. Not to talk about how David's voice draws you in and holds your attention for as long as the episode lasts.
Yesterday I watched one of the episode from his new series and as always I'm in a state of awe after. I was even struggling to hold back some tears when he spoke about how chimpanzees have become critically endangered in South East Senegal. It's very sad that we, us humans have come this far and still the only thing we think about is money. How can we only think about ourselves? Why do we think we're aloud to make choices for lives that are not our own?
You don't think you are making these choices? I have been making these choices all my life, I have bought meat, dairy, palm oil pr…


Have you heard about the organisation "rewilding europe"? If not you're in for some uplifting news and inspiring projects around Europe, maybe even close to you.

I'm currently very interested in the one in Lapland, it's in the most northern part of Sweden and Norway. I guess I might be a bit partial to this project as it's in my home country after all, however it's absolutely stunning up there. It has the most dense old taiga forest in all of Europe plus tree of the largest free-flowing and untamed rivers in Europe! Would you look at that, little Sweden and Norway home to all that amazing landscape and nature. Can you then imagine all the various cool creatures that thrive there as well?

For example wolverines, bears, lynx and reindeer. Reindeer might not be especially cool but they do have an impact on forming the landscape but also help to connect people with nature. In Lapland we need to give the reindeer more attention, I know they might look dumb but…